Ashes of the Empire

Hags' Heads

Session 25 Recap


  • The party makes their way to the Hexus Commune, where the hags await them. Thinking to fool them, the party feigns being wounded on the far shore of the lake and lure one of the hags out to investigate. The party gets the jump on her and drop her quickly.

  • On the island the other two hags await, hiding amongst the thick unnatural mist. The ruse seemed to work once, but no further activity seemed imminent, so the adventurers make their way to the island via raft. As soon as they land, the hags attack.

  • The party begins to make headway against the hags, but the mist starts to effect their judgement, poisoning both their minds and their bodies. Finally, seeming to lose the battle, the hags summon a golem from the charnel pit in the center of the island. The battle is rough, and Neighl falls.

  • Eventually, the battle is won, victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. However, Neighl still lay dead. Ulmo decided to commune with whatever dark entity he had been in contact with previously, and managed to gain the power to cast a Raise Dead ritual

  • As Ulmo cast the lengthy ritual, Luna stood vigil over Neighl, and the rest of the group searched the hags’ huts for valuables finding, amongst other things, a map detailing a village named Fellwroth to the west along the coast – a potential place to catch a ship to the Vale of Long Night.

  • Finally, Neighl’s eyes open and he tells Luna how only the thought of her kept him from slipping away, to which she swoons and kisses him passionately.

  • The party gathers their things and heads back to the hidden shrine. There they present the severed heads of the hags to the native chief and retrieve Larissa, Mr. Burke, and Tavon.

  • From the shrine the party heads west, making for the coast and the Fellwroth village. Along the way, they come across a strange boulder carved with two faces. The stone radiated very strong divination magic and when approached animated and spoke, telling the party to ask them each one question.

  • Neighl asks what Najala’s greatest weakness is. The face then replies in rhyme:

“Deep beneath the ruin warm, the lady lacks physical form. Power great but phylactery lone, no skin, nor hair, no tooth and bone.”

  • Ulmo then asks how he can return his soul to its original holder. The face then replies in rhyme something about an ancient crime and killing something in a cellar

  • The party continues heading west for a few more hours, coming to an old rickety bridge across a stretch of water. A spectral voice calls out as if calling to unseen solders to hold the bridge and not let the enemy through. As the party begins to cross, ghostly soldiers appear and form up to block their advance.

  • The party fights their way to the middle of the bridge but quickly discover that as they fell one enemy, another appears to take its place. The burned out building on the other side seems a likely place for a focus, so the party surges across and locates the skeletal remains of a soldier dressed as the ghostly ones. As soon as one of them removes an old piece of parchment from the skeleton’s hand, the ghostly soldiers fade away – “We’ve failed”


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