Ashes of the Empire

Lost in the Swamp

Session 21 Recap


  • The party arrives in a dark swamp. The air is oppressive and heavy. Shadows lurk everywhere and things seem to hide in every dark place, watching and waiting for their opportunity to strike. There is no doubt that this shadowy realm is the Shadowfell.

  • The party turns their attention to Luna, no longer a small girl but a young eladrin lady instead. Somehow the trip to the Shadowfell, her home, has returned her to her former self. She calls Lu “My Queen” and notes that she is actually her sister. The party listens intently as she explains how Lu went away about a year ago, leaving her people and sisters behind, on some mission.

  • After Lu did not return, her sisters Lu’Nianna and Lu’Niandra made their way to the material plane to find her. It did not end well for Lu’Nianna – the little girl blone-haired girl Lu remembers as Luna before she met the party. Now, Lu’Niandra has brought her sister, her queen, home.

  • While Luna explains all this, the adventurers notice that Geigan seems ill. After a few moments, he collapses. It seems, because of his origin as a primal spirit of the material plane, being in this strange place is deadly for him.

  • Thinking that they can locate help for Geigan as well as make their way to Lu’s homeland, The Vale of Long Night, the party heads out towards where they think the shoreline will be. It isn’t long, though, before the residents of the swamp rise up to attack them.

  • After being attacked a few times and finding themselves unable to navigate in the strange swamp, the heroes run across a wary village girl who tentatively offers to lead them to her small village. The party agrees and set out with the local girl. After some time, they come to a small collection of swamp huts along the shore of a small lake or large pond.

  • After crossing the water on a small boat, the girl walks to the center of the island where another woman stands on the edge of a large trash pit. They then make their intentions clear – they have lured the adventurers here to take them captive and eat them.

  • The heroes manage to overcome the women, now revealed as swamp hags, as well as their pet otyugh. They then begin to rifle through the huts, looking for valuables and a place to rest for the night.

  • A mere hour later, the remaining hags of the commune return and note the absence of their fellow hags and the otyugh. They locate the party and call them out, looking for vengeance.

  • Lacking a good escape route and having no desire to fight the hags in a weakened state, the party convinces them that they might be useful to the hags. The hags confer, and decide that they can indeed use the party to further their goals. They allow them to rest unmolested, and agree to discuss terms in the morning.

  • The party rests in the dead hag’s hut, wondering what challenge the hags will put before them in the morning.


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