Ashes of the Empire

The Hidden Shrine (Part 2)

Session 23 Recap


  • Deeper into the subterranean complex the heroes delve. They are beset by a trap that boxes them in with timber walls and attempts to crush them by pouring sand on top of them. Thanks to some quick thinking that delays the sand and a concerted effort to break out, the party saves themselves and confronts the will-o-wisp that lured them down the corridor in the first place.

  • The party then makes their way through a beetle-infested room, careful not to disturb them or their nests, and finds a stairway leading up and out of the poisonous air. Unfortunately, the way is not so easy, and a large millstone comes bounding down the stairs in an effort to crush them. They manage to (mostly) avoid the heavy thing, and finally climb up and out of the foul atmosphere.

  • As soon as they are free of the lower levels, the party runs into danger nearly right away as they come to a chamber inhabited by an ancient beholder trapped here long ago. Rather than fight, the party offers to help free it if it does not kill them. The creature agrees to the bargain and the party attempts to locate what is holding the beast here.

  • Unfortunately for the beholder, the party is not successful in finding what holds it in the room, and decides the renege on their end of the bargain and flee the room, leaving the beholder howling in impotent rage.

  • Pressing on, the party negotiates a few more traps and comes to a large chamber dedicated to cats. Unfortunately the builders of this shrine left a guardian and the heroes face off against a were-jaguar. They manage to defeat it, but not before Neighl is infected with it’s disease.

  • After the creature dies, the party makes camp for a while, taking a much-needed and much-deserved rest. Afterwards, they feel a bit more refreshed and restored, and head into a secret passage they discovered in the room earlier. It would seem that the shrine’s builders would have another laugh at the party’s expense though, as they wander into a one-way teleportation trap which lands them right back into the lower levels they left earlier.

  • Taking a slightly different route back, the heroes fight their way past some guardian zombies, and into what appears to be the final resting place of a man and woman, preserved underneath shrouds and lying in repose on stone slabs. Unfortunately for the heroes, they disturb them, and the pair rise from their slumber and demand an apology. The heroes do not seem to understand and the pair grow impatient and decide to punish the interlopers instead.

  • The two fight well, using amazing fast flurries of kicks and punches. However, the party is much too savvy in combat to be so easily defeated, and thus kill the female. Deciding that his life is also in danger, the male asks for quarter and promises to mx them a potion if they spare his life.

  • The party agrees and the monk begins to mix a potion from the decanter found between the two stone slabs. Instead of giving it to them, however, he quickly downs it and falls into a deep slumber. In a rather uncharacteristic act of kindness, the party places him atop the stone bed again and places his dead woman beside him.

  • Once past the monks, the party finds themselves at the beetle room again and it is a just a short hop over the parked millstone at the bottom of the stairs before they are again out of the poisonous air. Unfortunately, they are also at the beholder’s room once again. A beholder who is probably eager to exact some revenge.


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