Ashes of the Empire

The Hidden Shrine (Part 3)

Session 24 Recap


  • The party decides that they would be better off trying to trick the beholder again, rather than face it in combat, even though it is likely to be on guard since the last attempt. Neighl strides into the room with a gem in-hand claiming that it is the key to getting free of the wards.

  • The beholder is wary, after the last encounter with the party but he doesn’t attack immediately. Neighl tries to sell the deception but as soon as the beholder seems on the verge of attacking, Redezza draws steel and combat is joined.

  • The party attempts to make it through the room, rather than engage the beholder, but it manages to keep some of them in the room using its fear rays, sleep rays, and other things.

  • Ulmo, seeing that the situation is getting desperate, calls out to some dark entity that he is in contact with. He offers a magical item as a sacrifice, and in return is granted great power for a few moments to lead a powerful counter-attack against the beholder.

  • The party rallies and manages to take the beast down after some difficulty. As the darkness Ulmo casts around the creature fades, the body is gone – claimed by whatever dark force the warlock conjured.

  • The heroes continue on their way through the complex and eventually find stairs leading up another level. The heroes make their way up past traps and through secret doors and eventually come to a room with four mirrors hanging on the walls.

  • One mirror, they discover, is not white glass but instead an ochre jelly. The creature leaps to attack the party, but the adventurers make quick work of it. After the battle, they discover that the acidic creature seemed to eat its way through the stone above and, over time, found its way to the interior of the shrine.

  • Smelling fresh air coming from the ochre jelly’s path down, the heroes decide this a viable escape route and send Lu up to secure ropes and pitons for the others.

  • At the top Lu is captured by native warriors, the same ones depicted in the shrine below, and one of their priests. The party, one by one, makes their way up the tube and find themselves similarly captive.

  • The party is led to the front of the pyramid-shaped shrine where they see scores of the natives below in the darkness, armed and ready to exact vengeance. The priest speaks to the party with the help of an ogre-like creature who seems allied with the natives, and demand a sacrifice as penance for trespassing. The adventurers look below and see that they have Mr. Burke, Larissa, and Tavon held with spears at their backs.

  • Neighl proposes that their mission was honorable and that they did not mean to trespass. He suggests that trial by single combat would show that their gods accept his version of it. The priest accepts it and the ogre creature is nominated as their champion.

  • Before combat can begin Neighl offers one other possible solution: a service in exchange for forgiveness of their trespass. He offers for the the party will destroy the hags, who have been menacing the natives looking for their secrets of binding primal spirits, as reparation.

  • The chief agrees but requires assurance that the party will return. The PCs agree to leave Mr. Burke, Larissa, and Tavon behind as collateral, but the chief warns them that if they do not return in two days time they will be sacrificed to placate their angry god.

  • The party heads out in haste


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