Ashes of the Empire

Session 27 Recap


  • The party sails their stolen ship further west across the dark bay. Using the maps found on-board, Larissa does her best to try and locate the Vistani camp that their old captain mentioned could help them get to the Vale.

  • Finally, as the gloom of day yields to the dark of night, the ship comes within sight of the opposite shore. The dangers of the Shadowfell are not just for land, it seems, and the party is soon set upon by some twisted cross between men and crabs, scuttling their way up the hull and onto the deck. The PCs fend them off, narrowly avoiding the death of Mr. Burke. Finally, the crabmen are defeated and the their sahuagin leader flees back into the dark waters.
  • sahuagin.jpg
  • Although their current location is not quite safe, as evidenced by the attack, the heroes decide that trying to navigate in the dark would be more dangerous, so the decision is made to drop anchor and try to rest for the night and continue to the Vistani camp in the morning. Thankfully, the night passes uneventfully with only the hint of an attack, but none forthcoming.

  • The next morning, the party continues south along the shore until they see a shoreline clearing dotted with colorful tents and wagons. People mill about the camp tending to livestock, mending tents and wagons.

  • Anchoring as close as safely possible, the party takes the rowboats ashore and are met by a few Vistani men. As the gypsies look the party over, their leader’s eyes land on Lu and go wide. The man, Domarien, calls her “My queen” and just like that the party are honored guests in the Vistani camp.

  • Domarien sees to the party’s comforts with guest tents, food, drink, and water to wash up with. He tells the party that “Handsome” Jack, their leader, is away but will return the next day.

  • The heroes mill about the camp and take in what they can of the Vistani culture. Finally, that evening, the party is notified that Jack has returned and will attend the feast in their honor. He wishes to meet with them first, however, in his tent. The party agrees and are led to Jack‘s tent.

  • The adventurers meet with the Vistani leader, Handsome Jack, and are made welcome. It becomes obvious to all that he knows Lu from before, though in what capacity is not so obvious. Jack offers to listen to the party’s tale, but only after they are properly feasted. He leads them to the large communal feast tent where a variety of foods and drink are presented with musicians playing and people dancing.

  • After the night’s revelry calms down, Jack listens to the party’s tale and what it is they need his help with.

  • Jack claims that he has indeed heard rumors of a building (perhaps a library, perhaps not) having appeared from thin air within the city of Gloomwrought far to the south many years ago. He also can assist the party in either getting them to the Vale, Gloomwrought, or both, as well as some sort of charm to help Geigan survive being away from his home plane.

  • Jack takes Lu aside and makes his price known. Whatever it is, he tells her to think about it overnight and answer him in the morning. Lu doesn’t seem willing to tell the party what it is.

  • The next day the party discovers that Lu has agreed to Jack‘s price, though she still does not divulge what it is. The heroes agree that they must head for the Vale, and preparations for the journey begin. Jack cautions the party that the way he must take them, “the dark ways” is treacherous.

  • When it is time to leave, Jack leads the adventurers into the shadowy landscape of the Shadowfell. The party follows him as he rounds a large twisted tree, and suddenly the landscape becomes even darker. What was once a land with a grey sky and grey features has become something darker and more sinister, as the shadows themselves seem to come alive and the very air hangs heavy with gloom. The party has arrived in the Shadowdark.

  • After hours of skulking through the shadowdark, following Jack and trying to remain hidden from the prying eyes hidden in the darkness, the party finally hears the baying of hounds. Jack picks up the pace, but despite that they grow louder. Finally, the party stops and prepares for battle. Large grey hounds emerge from the shadow and attack.

  • The battle is difficult, but the party wins in the end. Moving on, Jack finally turns another tree and leads the party out of the shadowdark. A road through a silent forest beckons them, ahead is a stone footbridge over a small river…entrance to the Vale.

  • The party makes their way down the road into a small village. The people seem to pay little attention to the heroes, and none recognize Lu as their queen. They seem as if they are zombies going about their daily tasks with no emotion save hopelessness.

  • After arriving at the small palace, set atop a shelf on the edge of the vale, the guard recognize Lu and admit the party to the palace. Once inside, the adventurers are introduced to the rest of Lu’s family: her uncle Vaerlan, her cousin and captain of the guard Laern and her other cousin Istiria.
All Aboard!
Session 26 Recap


  • The party finds their way to a small village on the shore of the bay. Dreary and run-down, yet a welcome break from the constant dank of the swamp, the heroes begin their search for a ship to take them across the bay so they can resume their search for the way to the vale, Lu’s homeland.

  • The party discovers that there are two ships docked in town. One, the Recompense is captained by a devil named Vius. He offers the adventurers safe passage across the bay in exchange for a service from one of them. Said service would need to be completed within 666 days, else they would need to serve as crew on the Recompense for a period of 666 years.

  • The party, disliking the option of a ship captained by a devil and run by the damned, go to the other docked ship, the Listless, to meet her crew.

  • The crew of the Listless, mainly shadar-kai, were led by a man named Lucius. He offered safe passage for a very reasonable fee. The party, eager to be gone from this part of the shadowfell, accept the ride and set sail the next morning.

  • Shortly after the heroes set sail aboard the Listless, a massive storm sweeps through the bay and threatens to overtake the ship in short order. The captain, Lucius, makes for a small island with a sheltered cove. There, on the face of the bare island, is a ruin that can provide minimal shelter in case the storm makes its full fury known and the ship cannot withstand it.

  • Once on the island, the party and the crew make for a small cellar area, still mainly intact under the ruined ground-level buildings. As they settle in for the night, the party hears talk from the crew. Grisly talk about murdering the party, and eating them.

  • Overhearing the crew’s evil intentions, the party takes action before they can and waylay some of the crew in order to make their way to the ship. At the ship, they cast off and strand the rest of the evil crew.

  • The party makes their way, alone, to the far shore.
Hags' Heads
Session 25 Recap


  • The party makes their way to the Hexus Commune, where the hags await them. Thinking to fool them, the party feigns being wounded on the far shore of the lake and lure one of the hags out to investigate. The party gets the jump on her and drop her quickly.

  • On the island the other two hags await, hiding amongst the thick unnatural mist. The ruse seemed to work once, but no further activity seemed imminent, so the adventurers make their way to the island via raft. As soon as they land, the hags attack.

  • The party begins to make headway against the hags, but the mist starts to effect their judgement, poisoning both their minds and their bodies. Finally, seeming to lose the battle, the hags summon a golem from the charnel pit in the center of the island. The battle is rough, and Neighl falls.

  • Eventually, the battle is won, victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. However, Neighl still lay dead. Ulmo decided to commune with whatever dark entity he had been in contact with previously, and managed to gain the power to cast a Raise Dead ritual

  • As Ulmo cast the lengthy ritual, Luna stood vigil over Neighl, and the rest of the group searched the hags’ huts for valuables finding, amongst other things, a map detailing a village named Fellwroth to the west along the coast – a potential place to catch a ship to the Vale of Long Night.

  • Finally, Neighl’s eyes open and he tells Luna how only the thought of her kept him from slipping away, to which she swoons and kisses him passionately.

  • The party gathers their things and heads back to the hidden shrine. There they present the severed heads of the hags to the native chief and retrieve Larissa, Mr. Burke, and Tavon.

  • From the shrine the party heads west, making for the coast and the Fellwroth village. Along the way, they come across a strange boulder carved with two faces. The stone radiated very strong divination magic and when approached animated and spoke, telling the party to ask them each one question.

  • Neighl asks what Najala’s greatest weakness is. The face then replies in rhyme:

“Deep beneath the ruin warm, the lady lacks physical form. Power great but phylactery lone, no skin, nor hair, no tooth and bone.”

  • Ulmo then asks how he can return his soul to its original holder. The face then replies in rhyme something about an ancient crime and killing something in a cellar

  • The party continues heading west for a few more hours, coming to an old rickety bridge across a stretch of water. A spectral voice calls out as if calling to unseen solders to hold the bridge and not let the enemy through. As the party begins to cross, ghostly soldiers appear and form up to block their advance.

  • The party fights their way to the middle of the bridge but quickly discover that as they fell one enemy, another appears to take its place. The burned out building on the other side seems a likely place for a focus, so the party surges across and locates the skeletal remains of a soldier dressed as the ghostly ones. As soon as one of them removes an old piece of parchment from the skeleton’s hand, the ghostly soldiers fade away – “We’ve failed”
The Hidden Shrine (Part 3)
Session 24 Recap


  • The party decides that they would be better off trying to trick the beholder again, rather than face it in combat, even though it is likely to be on guard since the last attempt. Neighl strides into the room with a gem in-hand claiming that it is the key to getting free of the wards.

  • The beholder is wary, after the last encounter with the party but he doesn’t attack immediately. Neighl tries to sell the deception but as soon as the beholder seems on the verge of attacking, Redezza draws steel and combat is joined.

  • The party attempts to make it through the room, rather than engage the beholder, but it manages to keep some of them in the room using its fear rays, sleep rays, and other things.

  • Ulmo, seeing that the situation is getting desperate, calls out to some dark entity that he is in contact with. He offers a magical item as a sacrifice, and in return is granted great power for a few moments to lead a powerful counter-attack against the beholder.

  • The party rallies and manages to take the beast down after some difficulty. As the darkness Ulmo casts around the creature fades, the body is gone – claimed by whatever dark force the warlock conjured.

  • The heroes continue on their way through the complex and eventually find stairs leading up another level. The heroes make their way up past traps and through secret doors and eventually come to a room with four mirrors hanging on the walls.

  • One mirror, they discover, is not white glass but instead an ochre jelly. The creature leaps to attack the party, but the adventurers make quick work of it. After the battle, they discover that the acidic creature seemed to eat its way through the stone above and, over time, found its way to the interior of the shrine.

  • Smelling fresh air coming from the ochre jelly’s path down, the heroes decide this a viable escape route and send Lu up to secure ropes and pitons for the others.

  • At the top Lu is captured by native warriors, the same ones depicted in the shrine below, and one of their priests. The party, one by one, makes their way up the tube and find themselves similarly captive.

  • The party is led to the front of the pyramid-shaped shrine where they see scores of the natives below in the darkness, armed and ready to exact vengeance. The priest speaks to the party with the help of an ogre-like creature who seems allied with the natives, and demand a sacrifice as penance for trespassing. The adventurers look below and see that they have Mr. Burke, Larissa, and Tavon held with spears at their backs.

  • Neighl proposes that their mission was honorable and that they did not mean to trespass. He suggests that trial by single combat would show that their gods accept his version of it. The priest accepts it and the ogre creature is nominated as their champion.

  • Before combat can begin Neighl offers one other possible solution: a service in exchange for forgiveness of their trespass. He offers for the the party will destroy the hags, who have been menacing the natives looking for their secrets of binding primal spirits, as reparation.

  • The chief agrees but requires assurance that the party will return. The PCs agree to leave Mr. Burke, Larissa, and Tavon behind as collateral, but the chief warns them that if they do not return in two days time they will be sacrificed to placate their angry god.

  • The party heads out in haste
The Hidden Shrine (Part 2)
Session 23 Recap


  • Deeper into the subterranean complex the heroes delve. They are beset by a trap that boxes them in with timber walls and attempts to crush them by pouring sand on top of them. Thanks to some quick thinking that delays the sand and a concerted effort to break out, the party saves themselves and confronts the will-o-wisp that lured them down the corridor in the first place.

  • The party then makes their way through a beetle-infested room, careful not to disturb them or their nests, and finds a stairway leading up and out of the poisonous air. Unfortunately, the way is not so easy, and a large millstone comes bounding down the stairs in an effort to crush them. They manage to (mostly) avoid the heavy thing, and finally climb up and out of the foul atmosphere.

  • As soon as they are free of the lower levels, the party runs into danger nearly right away as they come to a chamber inhabited by an ancient beholder trapped here long ago. Rather than fight, the party offers to help free it if it does not kill them. The creature agrees to the bargain and the party attempts to locate what is holding the beast here.

  • Unfortunately for the beholder, the party is not successful in finding what holds it in the room, and decides the renege on their end of the bargain and flee the room, leaving the beholder howling in impotent rage.

  • Pressing on, the party negotiates a few more traps and comes to a large chamber dedicated to cats. Unfortunately the builders of this shrine left a guardian and the heroes face off against a were-jaguar. They manage to defeat it, but not before Neighl is infected with it’s disease.

  • After the creature dies, the party makes camp for a while, taking a much-needed and much-deserved rest. Afterwards, they feel a bit more refreshed and restored, and head into a secret passage they discovered in the room earlier. It would seem that the shrine’s builders would have another laugh at the party’s expense though, as they wander into a one-way teleportation trap which lands them right back into the lower levels they left earlier.

  • Taking a slightly different route back, the heroes fight their way past some guardian zombies, and into what appears to be the final resting place of a man and woman, preserved underneath shrouds and lying in repose on stone slabs. Unfortunately for the heroes, they disturb them, and the pair rise from their slumber and demand an apology. The heroes do not seem to understand and the pair grow impatient and decide to punish the interlopers instead.

  • The two fight well, using amazing fast flurries of kicks and punches. However, the party is much too savvy in combat to be so easily defeated, and thus kill the female. Deciding that his life is also in danger, the male asks for quarter and promises to mx them a potion if they spare his life.

  • The party agrees and the monk begins to mix a potion from the decanter found between the two stone slabs. Instead of giving it to them, however, he quickly downs it and falls into a deep slumber. In a rather uncharacteristic act of kindness, the party places him atop the stone bed again and places his dead woman beside him.

  • Once past the monks, the party finds themselves at the beetle room again and it is a just a short hop over the parked millstone at the bottom of the stairs before they are again out of the poisonous air. Unfortunately, they are also at the beholder’s room once again. A beholder who is probably eager to exact some revenge.
The Hidden Shrine (Part 1)
Session 22 Recap


  • As the next morning dawned, the heroes awoke to find the hags awaiting them. Cautiously, they started the negotiations. The hags, being primal spirits of the Shadowfell, are interested in all things related to primal spirits. They explain that many long years ago a hidden shrine from an unknown people was found deep in the swamp to the north. The people who used to own the large shrine were able to trap primal spirits and tap them for their power.

  • The hags propose to the party that if they are able to penetrate the shrine and discover the secret to these ancient people’s ability to master the primal spirits, that they will reward the party. Specifically, they will craft a powerful amulet that allows Geigan to survive in the Shadowfell.

  • As a token of their good faith, the hags provide the party with a smaller, less powerful version of the fetish they promise to craft for Geigan, which allows him to at least operate for a few days. They also give the party a map, some potions and a ritual scroll to aid them in penetrating the shrine.

  • The heroes agree and depart the hag’s commune, following the map. After the better part of a day, they happen upon old ruins sticking out of the soft, muddy ground. The shrine was near. Pushing on, they finally catch sight of the shrine itself, a large pyramid shaped stone structure rising above the swamp.

  • After a few more minutes of moving towards their goal, the party starts to hear rustling in the bushes nearby. As they move along the noises get more and more frequent and seem to be steering them towards something. Finally, the heroes come upon a large standing stone in a small clearing surrounded by muddy, moist ground. The strange runes appear to be in some language related to Supernal, but Lu is able to make out a single name: Tamoachan.

  • No sooner does Lu say the name, does the soft ground give way in a torrent of mud, vegetation, and stone. Tumbling down, the party falls and slides several stories and ends up at the bottom of a pile of rubble and mud in some strange subterranean chamber. It would seem that the shrine found them before they found it.

  • Taking stock of their situation, the party discovers that not all of them fell into the room, and that Larissa, Mr. Burke, and Tavon managed to escape it and stay on the surface. As if being split from their charges wasn’t bad enough, they also discover that the air in this chamber is foul and poisonous – lingering for too long in these lower chambers would be very detrimental. The party sets out to find a way out or at least a place where they can reach fresh air.

  • The heroes set out to explore the lower chambers and discover that the primal spirits that these people trapped so very long ago are still very much alive in this place. They manage to avoid conflict with some of the denizens, using their negotiating skills and Lu’s knack for trying to guess the language’s meaning, but in some cases diplomacy simply is not the best course, and they have to resort to violence.

  • If the guardians of the shrine weren’t bad enough, they also have to contend with traps, some deadly, and others simply damaging. In total it works to slowly wear the party down, and leaves them wondering if they will make it out before the poison gas kills them.
Lost in the Swamp
Session 21 Recap


  • The party arrives in a dark swamp. The air is oppressive and heavy. Shadows lurk everywhere and things seem to hide in every dark place, watching and waiting for their opportunity to strike. There is no doubt that this shadowy realm is the Shadowfell.

  • The party turns their attention to Luna, no longer a small girl but a young eladrin lady instead. Somehow the trip to the Shadowfell, her home, has returned her to her former self. She calls Lu “My Queen” and notes that she is actually her sister. The party listens intently as she explains how Lu went away about a year ago, leaving her people and sisters behind, on some mission.

  • After Lu did not return, her sisters Lu’Nianna and Lu’Niandra made their way to the material plane to find her. It did not end well for Lu’Nianna – the little girl blone-haired girl Lu remembers as Luna before she met the party. Now, Lu’Niandra has brought her sister, her queen, home.

  • While Luna explains all this, the adventurers notice that Geigan seems ill. After a few moments, he collapses. It seems, because of his origin as a primal spirit of the material plane, being in this strange place is deadly for him.

  • Thinking that they can locate help for Geigan as well as make their way to Lu’s homeland, The Vale of Long Night, the party heads out towards where they think the shoreline will be. It isn’t long, though, before the residents of the swamp rise up to attack them.

  • After being attacked a few times and finding themselves unable to navigate in the strange swamp, the heroes run across a wary village girl who tentatively offers to lead them to her small village. The party agrees and set out with the local girl. After some time, they come to a small collection of swamp huts along the shore of a small lake or large pond.

  • After crossing the water on a small boat, the girl walks to the center of the island where another woman stands on the edge of a large trash pit. They then make their intentions clear – they have lured the adventurers here to take them captive and eat them.

  • The heroes manage to overcome the women, now revealed as swamp hags, as well as their pet otyugh. They then begin to rifle through the huts, looking for valuables and a place to rest for the night.

  • A mere hour later, the remaining hags of the commune return and note the absence of their fellow hags and the otyugh. They locate the party and call them out, looking for vengeance.

  • Lacking a good escape route and having no desire to fight the hags in a weakened state, the party convinces them that they might be useful to the hags. The hags confer, and decide that they can indeed use the party to further their goals. They allow them to rest unmolested, and agree to discuss terms in the morning.

  • The party rests in the dead hag’s hut, wondering what challenge the hags will put before them in the morning.
The Fens
Session 20 Recap


  • The party, aboard the ship Lady Rose finally arrive near a river delta leading deeper into the fens. They drop anchor and make preparations to go ashore. While loading supplies on the landing boats, the ship lurches as giant tentacles latch onto the deck and a large head rises out of the waves near the bow. The heroes leap into action to try and save the ship.

  • The beats, now recognized as some sort of giant squid, attempts to crush the ship with its tentacles, but the party is able to beat it off and make it seek easier prey elsewhere.

  • The adventurers bid farewell to Captain Sevenson, board the landing boats, and head for one of the branches of the river delta.

  • Making their way up the river, the party eventually reaches a point where the boats will not be able to continue, so they row to the shore and portage across to another branch of the delta. Before they go to far, though, an ambush is sprung and lizardfolk leap from a blind of reeds and attack.

  • Even though the lizardfolk set up some traps at the ambush site, the party makes short work of them and kill all but one of the creatures, the last one escaping into the swamp.

  • The party continues their trek west, now on a better branch of the river. As they break to make camp for the night, they notice they are being watched. Three frog-like creatures, standing perhaps 4 feet high at most, emerge from the underbrush and seem to want to communicate. The party is eventually led through away west and to a small village of the creatures near the peak of the river delta.

  • Once in the creatures’ village an elder comes out and bows to Geigan recognizing him as a primal guardian of The Fens. The elder speaks some Common and communicates to the party that his people, bullywugs, are impressed at their skills defeating the lizardfolk.

  • The elder tells the party that the blight has pushed the lizardfolk south into their lands, which itself was bad enough. Even more disturbing is that a hag, who has lived in the swamp for ages, decided to take advantage of the situation and gather the lizardfolk to her banner and use them to gather a veritable army. The elder asks the heroes for their help, and they agree – especially when they hear that the hag seems to have a way to move through the blighted area without ill effect.

  • With the directions given by the bullywugs, the party made their way towards the lake at the center of the fen, aiming for the hag’s hut along the northern shore.

  • On the night of the second day, the party made their way along the shore towards the hag’s hut under cover of darkness. Once the lizardfolk camp seemed to settle down for the evening, the party made their way to to the hut. The stilted hut, about 50 yards offshore, was isolated enough so that they remained unseen from the shore.

  • The heroes were detected by the hag, and she attempted to talk them into a trap, but the party detected it and attacked first. The battle was tough, but they won in the end.

  • Once they had her defeated, the party recovered a primitive fetish from the hag, her way of entering the blight without ill effect. The party then slipped quietly into their boats, lit the hut afire, and made their way to the shore to head into the blight.

  • Reaching the blighted area, the party made their way towards the center as quickly as possible, using the fetish to protect Geigan from the worst of its effects. Finally, once they reached the center, they saw the planar rift and set about finding a way to enlarge so they could go through.

  • Oolmo and Lu channeled their arcane energies and widened the gap enough for the entire party to make their way through.

  • On the other side, a gloomy version of the fens awaited them. The place seemed oppressive and dark; they were definitely not in the same place. Even more disturbing, the party turned to Luna and noticed she was not a little girl anymore, but instead a grown eladrin woman.
Sailing North
Session 19 Recap


  • Heading to the extreme north part of the docks, the party looks to locate a ship to charter to take them to the Northern Fens. They meet with Captain Brek Sevenson on his ship Lady Rose. Although the ship appears to be in rough shape, something tells the party that it is more capable than it appears, so they negotiate passage north.

  • Later that evening, the party heads for the White Feather to meet with Larissa, leaving the mysterious little girl Luna and Oolmo behind at the inn room.

  • At the White Feather, the party discovers that Mr. Burke had once worked for the brothel as security years ago, hence why he and Larissa came here to remain safe.

  • After some convincing, the heroes get the two to agree to stop hiding and accompany them and Tavon. they agree to meet the following night after the ship is ready.

  • The heroes exit the White Feather and are suddenly accosted by spirits of the slain dragonborn they previously defeated. Along with the ghosts are swarms of worms, animated by some foul power both ancient and unknown. The party is able to defeat the unholy foes, and the worms creep back into the ground and sewer grates.

  • The next night the heroes, Luna, Burke, Tavon, and Larissa board Lady Rose and head north towards The Northern Fens.

  • After a day of sailing, the heroes find themselves deep in a fog bank and without wind to propel the ship. As Oolmo begins the incantation to summon winds into the sails, the crew catches sight of a ship off the starboard side. It appears derelict, and the crew becomes spooked. Even worse, as Oolmo’s summoned winds fill the sails and the ship lurches forward, the derelict ship seems to keep pace without any wind seemingly moving it. the crew becomes spooked.

  • The party guides The Lady Rose through several maneuvers in an attempt to lose the derelict ship, but it keeps up by making maneuvers it should not be able to make, even with a crew (which it does not seem to have). Meanwhile, Captain Sevenson’s crew murmurs about a curse and the Sable Drake, some cursed ship that haunt the northern waters near here.

  • Tensions on the ship become worse over the hours, with the crew threatening mutiny and thinking to throw the strangers overboard as a sacrifice. Eventually one crew member steps out of line and Neighl runs him through and sends him overboard. The Sable Drake seems to respond, and turns away deciding that it’s presence will not be able to incite the mutiny that it wants to.

  • Things go back to normal, and the ship resumes it’s northern trek.
Showdown in Renfall
Session 18 Recap


  • Deciding it best to face the problem head-on, the heroes made their way back to the road from the barn and made their way as quickly as possible towards the inn to face the tiefling Archidius.

  • The journey to the inn, quiet initially, turns out to be the calm before the storm as the party soon spots the flying creatures returning. With them, moving along the ground at a frantic pace, is some red-furred creature that resembles a huge ape. Soon it is upon them and battle ensues. The party handily defeats the creature and it’s flying companions and keeps Tavon Webb safe yet again.

  • As the sun hangs low in the sky, the party pulls into the roadside inn, The Silver Chalice. They make their way to the taproom and scout out any tieflings in residence. Only one is present, a female drinking by herself. The party makes conversation and soon discovers her name is Redemption, a paladin of Pelor who had infiltrated the Scions of the Horned Empire, specifically Archidius’ group.

  • Redemption tells the party that Archidius seemed to beat a hasty retreat earlier this morning and she hasn’t seen him since; she fears that he never quite trusted her. She offers to lead the party to his safe-house in Renfall in the hopes that he went there.

  • The party continues the next morning on their way to Renfall, this time with Redemption along. Once at the city, they make their way immediately to the local Pelorite temple and ask them to keep Tavon safe while they check out the safe-house.

  • The heroes arrive at Archidius’ safe-house but discover no one had been there in quite some time. Lacking any other information go on, the party decides that they should continue on with their true objective and part ways from Redemption, heading t back to the temple to collect Tavon.

  • After collecting Tavon, the adventurers decide to scout the White Feather (which they have since discovered is a brothel) where their meeting with Larissa is to take place. However, it would seem that their arrival in Renfall did not go unnoticed, as they are beset by Night’s Hand mercenaries in the streets. The heroes defeat them relatively easily, and disappear into the streets before the city watch can arrive and complicate matters.

  • Since there is still time until they are to meet Larissa, the heroes decide to look into hiring a ship to take them north towards the Northern Fens. As they get to the docks, they are ambushed by the group of dragonborn who were looking for Larissa since Tethy’s Tower. They tell the party that they consider them enemies now and have been ordered by their leader, Kira Bloodbane, to kill them on sight.

  • The party is outnumbered and the dragonborn fight fiercely without regard to innocent bystanders nearby, but the heroes manage to use a small warehouse building to gain a tactical advantage, and eventually defeat all of the dragonborn.

  • After the battle subsides, the watch arrive and take stock of the situation. They let the party go after the locals who witnessed the ambush corroborate their story of self-defense.

  • Now, the party is free to seek out a ship and crew to hire, and head for the end of the docks where the watch tends to be thin and inattentive.

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