Ashes of the Empire

Missing in Midriver
Session 1 Recap

Recap 1


  • Traveling on a river barge the PCs are attacked by bandits.

  • PCs arrive in town of Midriver and meet merchant Silas Greyward and his companion Mr. Burke.

  • Silas’ daughter, Larissa, was kidnapped when one of his barges was attacked, and he needs the PCs to find out where she is and bring her home.

  • PCs try to talk to the two other survivors, but one is a drunken fool who saw nothing, and the other, the first-mate, is in jail for a murder he claims he didn’t commit.

  • Needing the first-mate Rowan’s help to find the ambush site, they manage to break him out of the town jail and learn the kidnappers are a mercenary group known as Night’s Hand.

  • The PCs follow the river and Rowan to the ambush site. They head north into the woods, tracking the mercenaries to their camp while Rowan heads upriver to try and find out what he can about why Larissa Greyward was kidnapped.

  • The PCs come across the rear-guard at the camp and defeat them, but the leader has already left days ago with Larissa.
The Chase
Session 2 Recap

Recap 2


  • PCs leave Kingswood and head east for the road to Woodsedge.

  • Once in Woodsedge the PCs track the Night’s Hand mercenaries to an abandoned inn only to discover someone else found them first, took Larissa Greyward, and killed the mercenaries.

  • As the party investigates the scene, they discover that the leader of the Nights Hand was not quite dead. Before he expires he gives a name to their attacker. Tethis.

  • The PCs also discover a note from someone identified by the letter “N” that mentions a brother that Larissa is supposed to have.

  • Inside the abandoned inn the PCs are attacked by a group of infernal assassins. They win but the inn is set afire during the fight.

  • The PCs head to Renfall and locate an information broker by the name of Anlow. Anlow tells the PCs that Tethis, also known as Tethis The Red, keeps a ship named Scorpion docked in town as well as the signal to get the gangplank lowered to enter.
All Aboard
Session 3 Recap

Recap 3


  • The heroes fight their way to the bottom-most deck of the Scorpion and rescue Larissa Greyward

  • They soon discover that Scorpion wasn’t the only ship Tethis had in port, his other Barracuda was docked several blocks north. When they get there, though, it had already set sail.

  • Anlow offers the use of his ship, the Coral Rose, and her crew. They agree and set off after Tethis but lose the ship amongst the rocky shoals south of Renfall.

  • After discovering that the Barracuda never made it to the other side of the dangerous rocks and reefs, the PCs go ashore south of where they lost the ship and head north looking for the ship.

  • The heroes come across a hidden cove and dock with the Barracuda. They head to the docks and find a rocky path heading into the mountainous terrain to a squat square tower.

  • Fighting off the first of what is assumed to be many guards, the party heads up into the mountains towards the tower.
Storming the Tower
Session 4 Recap

Recap 4


  • The heroes arrive at the base of the square tower but find the drawbridge sealed tightly. After some investigation, however, they locate an alternate entrance.

  • Once inside the tower they find a small prison, free those within, and find some new allies.

  • Rather than using the stairs, the heroes throw a grapple to the roof and climb the exterior of the tower to the roof. Once there it is a simple matter to break into the top floor.

  • The top floor of the tower is empty of defenders, but contains many items of interest as well as some treasure.

  • The heroes descend to the middle level of the tower and discover Tethis as well as his fiendish guardians.

  • The adventurers kill the guardians and manage to overload Tethis’ defenses during his attempt to escape, causing an explosion that costs the villain his life.
Welcome to Tengara
Session 5 Recap



  • The heroes take a trip to the neighboring fishing village, Brightwater, to hire some locals to man their newly-acquired ship.

  • Once the ship is properly provisioned and manned, the heroes set sail for the city of Tengara and leave Thoma behind to defend the tower.

  • As they disembark onto the city docks, the PCs are ambushed by some local thieves. Once defeated, they discover that the attack was meant for Tethis’ people and not them.
Collateral Damage
Session 6 Recap

Recap 6


  • Back in Tengara the party meets with dragonborn again and hand over Thoma to be used as a decoy in place of Larissa Greyward.

  • The heroes visit the merchant company which used to move money and messages between Larissa’s mother and her son, hoping to find clues as to his location. They meet with his son Tavon Webb, who promises to search through his father’s records to see if he can find anything, but when they return a few days later, he has been unsuccessful.

  • Next the party attempts to contact the local thieve’s guild, The River Rats, to seek an exchange of information. They meet with a high-ranking member of the guild who offers to seek out information about the family name of Varrik for them. He tells them to return in a few days time
Assault on Southride
Session 7 Recap

Recap 7


  • The party awakens and meets Remora for breakfast. She tells them that the head of their order has asked to meet with them to see how The Golden Scale can help them in their quest. The town’s mayor is also there with his new bride and he might also be able to assist.

  • While en route to the Golden Scale temple streaks of fire light up the sky as large fireballs land a midst the town’s buildings. People scream as some of those fireballs were actually hollow and contained infernal creatures within. The town guard responds as best they can, while Remora rushes to the temple to restore the wards before the town is overwhelmed.

  • The heroes follow Remora into the temple to discover the head of the order lying near death near the altar and the town’s mayor dead nearby covered in rime frost. A trapdoor to the cellars below lies open and the mayor’s new bride nowhere to be seen.
Into The Fire
Session 8 Recap

Recap 8


  • The adventurers come out of the basement tomb and discover that the town guard have had a rough time of it while they were below and set out to assist in the clean-up.

  • Once the remaining infernal creatures have been cleaned out of the town, the party returns to the Golden Scale where the severely wounded head of the order tells them that although the wards have been restored there exists some sort of drain on it. Oolmo, being particularly adept at matters arcane, is able to get a sense of the location of the drain – to the south, possibly in the Devil’s Woods.

  • The adventurers then set out into the heart of the Devil’s Wood to look for the source of the drain. Meanwhile, Thoma reports via magical sending that he is well on his way to the south and the ruins of Vor Rukoth; the party tells him to stall best he can.
The Frozen Heart
Session 9 Recap

Recap 9


  • Moving deeper into the heart of the wood, the party discovers a central clearing with a whirling vortex of energy at it’s center. Within the energy, a woman stands, the same fey they faced underneath the Golden Scale temple.

  • The woman, via telepathy, tells the party that she is Velara one of the guardians of the wood and that she has linked her life-force to that of the wood in order to try and stave off the corruption of the infernal host; a valiant effort but one that is likely to fail in the end.

  • The party also discovers that it was not her that attacked the wards in the basement of the Golden Scale temple, but rather her twin sister Leyanal who seems to have made a deal with the devils – one that would see the woods saved at the expense of releasing the evil creatures upon the rest of the world.
Crime of Opportunity
Session 10 Recap

Recap 10


  • The heroes make their way out of the woods and come to an old trading road heading east to west. After getting their bearings, they head towards the village of Briar Glen. Within a short distance, they come across a man named Naught, a resident of the village.

  • Naught tells the heroes that something has happened to the village, apparently on the very same day the attack took place on Southride. Naught awoke after an all-night drunk to discover the village under attack from the undead. He and the blacksmith’s apprentice managed to make it out alive. The party soon learns that Naught ins’t exactly telling the truth, that he in fact killed his friend in order to make good his escape.

  • The party takes custody of Naught and heads towards Briar Glen. On the outskirts they find the cottage of the “old raven lady” a local resident who lives as a recluse at the edge of the village. As the heroes approach she speaks with Thrumvok, noting how she had been waiting for him, to which he nods knowingly.

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