Ashes of the Empire

All Aboard!

Session 26 Recap


  • The party finds their way to a small village on the shore of the bay. Dreary and run-down, yet a welcome break from the constant dank of the swamp, the heroes begin their search for a ship to take them across the bay so they can resume their search for the way to the vale, Lu’s homeland.

  • The party discovers that there are two ships docked in town. One, the Recompense is captained by a devil named Vius. He offers the adventurers safe passage across the bay in exchange for a service from one of them. Said service would need to be completed within 666 days, else they would need to serve as crew on the Recompense for a period of 666 years.

  • The party, disliking the option of a ship captained by a devil and run by the damned, go to the other docked ship, the Listless, to meet her crew.

  • The crew of the Listless, mainly shadar-kai, were led by a man named Lucius. He offered safe passage for a very reasonable fee. The party, eager to be gone from this part of the shadowfell, accept the ride and set sail the next morning.

  • Shortly after the heroes set sail aboard the Listless, a massive storm sweeps through the bay and threatens to overtake the ship in short order. The captain, Lucius, makes for a small island with a sheltered cove. There, on the face of the bare island, is a ruin that can provide minimal shelter in case the storm makes its full fury known and the ship cannot withstand it.

  • Once on the island, the party and the crew make for a small cellar area, still mainly intact under the ruined ground-level buildings. As they settle in for the night, the party hears talk from the crew. Grisly talk about murdering the party, and eating them.

  • Overhearing the crew’s evil intentions, the party takes action before they can and waylay some of the crew in order to make their way to the ship. At the ship, they cast off and strand the rest of the evil crew.

  • The party makes their way, alone, to the far shore.


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