Ashes of the Empire

Country Roads

Session 17 Recap


  • Once the heroes arrive at the town of Woodsedge, they make their way to the local temple dedicated to Pelor where they re-supply, change their horses, and swap wagons.

  • Day Zero

  • Although the priests of the small temple offer to put the party up for the night, they decline and decide to make use of the 2 or so hours left of daylight and make their way east towards Renfall. After a few hours, they find a small copse of trees, pull off the road, and make camp for the night – away from any who might be travelling the road.

  • That night, while on watch, Lu notices flying shapes far above making regular passes across the sky. Oolmo, with the assistance of a tracking ritual, confirms what Lu suspects when he sees light traces tracking across the night sky in what appears to be an organized search pattern. It appears that Lady Najala and her agents are desperately searching for the PCs.

  • Day One

  • The next morning the PCs make their way back to the road and try to keep exposure of the more notable members of the party, to a minimum. That afternoon they run into a merchant caravan heading west towards Woodsedge but although they seem nervous and guarded, they end up being no threat.

  • As the day ends, the party comes upon a roadside inn called The Shining Flute which caters to travellers. in order to appear more like other “normal” travellers and remain inconspicuous, the heroes pull into the inn and rent a room for the night.

  • Day Two

  • As morning comes, the adventurers pull out of the inn and resume their trek eastward towards Woodsedge. A few hours out of the inn they encounter what appears to be a small group of human mercenary-types walking along the road ahead towards them.

  • Once within earshot, the humans identify themselves as guards patrolling the road to Renfall keeping an eye out for smugglers and slavers. The party convinces them that they are merely pilgrims making their way to the temple in Renfall, however once they look in the wagon, they see the wilden and eladrin and attack

  • The heroes, make quick work of the mercenaries, but leave their leader alive for questioning. He reveals that he and his men were hired by a tiefling named Archidius at the next roadside inn. They were given descriptions of the party and instructed to check out this wagon to see if they were hiding inside. Having gotten all the useful information they could from him, the party leaves him tied to a roadside tree with his dead companions.

  • It isn’t long, however, before their enemies locate them and come in force. Oolmo notices that the traces in the sky, revealed to him from the tracking ritual, are converging on their location.

  • The heroes turn the wagon off of the road and head across a field for a barn, thinking to take cover from the aerial attack. They race across the field, blast a hole in the barn door to open it, and pull in just as the vulture-like creatures arrive, swooping around the building and cawing noisily.

  • Knowing that there is no easy way out and that it is only a matter of time before reinforcements arrive, Neighl steps outside to draw the creatures down. The creatures oblige him, but use their longspears to do fly by attacks while staying out of the reach of the heroes’ blades.

  • The party fights hard and finally defeats the flying creatures, but not before they notice that not only did 1 of their enemies leave before they came out of the barn, but one managed to flee once the battle’s outcome was obviously in favor of the PCs.

  • Now the party is faced with a choice: Continue on the road and risk being found by an even large enemy force, or find some other way to get to Renfall in time to meet Larissa.


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