Ashes of the Empire

O, Brother Where Art Thou?

Session 15 Recap



  • Knowing that the only way they can beat Lady Najala’s forces to Tavon Webb is to use the teleportation circle, the heroes decide to petition The Coyote to use his circle.

  • Thinking they might need help getting an audience, the party asks for the assistance of the White Lantern Consortium, a merchant organization with an outpost inside the Refuge.

  • The White Lantern leader, Lord Kelevan, agrees to assist the party, but claims that the only ones of their number who have been granted audience with The Coyote is Ovena Greystone and her brother Tristan and they are not yet back from their journey – the heroes would have to wait.

  • The next day Ovena and Tristan arrive back at the Refuge and agree to get The Coyote to grant the adventurers an audience.

  • The heroes are led into the square tower to find it’s interior to be well-decorated and comfortable. Their host, The Coyote, seems pleasant and welcoming on the surface, though everyone agrees that there is some sort of intangible sense of power that he emanates.

  • The party is treated to a fine meal, courtesy of their host. After, the party tells The Coyote what they need and why they need it. The Coyote admits he is no friend of Lady Najala’s, so he agrees that he is willing to help.

  • The Coyote asks Neighl to speak with him privately, so a deal can be made. After a few minutes, they return to the dinner table and announce that a deal is made.

  • The Coyote agrees to let the party use his teleportation circle as well as to provide other assistance to the party should they decide to face Najala directly. The heroes are shown the the circle, and make ready for the teleportation back to Tethys’ old tower.

  • When the party arrives at the tower, they are surprised to find that Larissa and Mr. Burke are nowhere to be found. The agents that Kira Bloodbane sent to look after them, however, were there and none too happy to find the tower empty.

  • The heroes manage to head off an armed conflict with the dragonborn agents and convince them that they knew nothing about Larissa and Burke heading off.

  • Desperate to get to Tengara before Najala’s minions do, the heroes set off and leave Larissa and Mr. Burke to the dragonborn.

  • The party makes their way on foot to the small village of Brightwater to reclaim their ship. They manage to get the villagers to crew the vessel and head off to Tengara.

  • Arriving dockside in Tengara, they heroes leave the crew on the ship and make haste towards Tavon Webb’s offices. The party arrives at the building in time and tell Tavon why they’ve come. Although he is skeptical at first, the sounds of fighting a few streets over convinces him – it appears that Lady Najala opted for overwhelming force rather than being sneaky.

  • Quickly evacuating from the buildings and taking to the streets, the heroes lead Tavon towards the northern exit of the city. The enemy pursues them through the streets, while the city’s militia tries to organize at least some resistance. Deciding that they need to get off the streets, the party takes to a side-street and down into the city’s sewer system.

  • Now below ground, the party and Tavon move through the subterranean tunnels and head towards their ship at the docks. When they arrive, they are surprised to hear that the ship is on fire. Apparently, Najala is done toying with them.

  • As the party decides what move to make next, the sounds of pursuit within the sewers reach their ears. A moment later, infernal creatures round the corner of the tunnel and attack.

  • The heroes defeat the creatures, but realize that they are outnumbered and surrounded. They contemplate what to do next.


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