Ashes of the Empire

Pelor's Light

Session 16 Recap



  • The party, having defeated a group of Duergar hunting them through the sewers, decide to make a stand and fight the devils off. So, they set up some caltrops and ball bearings in both sewer tunnels and wait for the enemy to arrive.

  • As expected, more Duergar show up and surround the party in the sewers. Their leader, some half-breed devil-like man, call out for a parley and the adventurers agree. The man extends an offer for to the heroes for them to join, rather than oppose, Najala and promises a position of power and prestige for them in the new empire.

  • As expected, the party refuses and ends up fighting the duergar, but are quickly overwhelmed by superior numbers when the devil-kin use a portal device to bring in more of their number. The party flees up a ladder, through a trapdoor, into a dockside warehouse to escape.

  • The adventurers decide to flee the docks area and seek refuge within the temple of Pelor to catch their collective breaths.

  • Once at the temple, the party is faced with a moral decision, as one of the high priests, Sel, wishes to eliminate the threat posed from Najala by killing Tavon and, later, Larissa. The heroes, of course, refuse and the head of the temple, Dawnlord Hallan, agrees to help them get to Woodsedge and then to the elven homeland in the Wyrmwood; once there the heroes hope to convince the elves to hide Tavon.

  • The Pelorites provide the party with a wagon, provisions, and disguises (as pilgrims) and they leave immediately for Woodsedge.


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