Ashes of the Empire

Slave Markets

Session 14 Recap

Recap 14


  • The heroes questioned the beholder about the city, having accepted the its surrender. The beast provided little in the way of information, but the party was feeling magnanimous and let the beast go n the condition that they never see it again. The creature agreed, but the party wisely made camp in a building nearby instead. Sure enough, after dark, shadowy shapes attempted an ambush only to find the building empty.

  • The next morning the heroes awoke and set off to the slave markets. Run by the Bloodspear Clan of orcs, the nearly 5 block square area appeared very well-guarded which left trying to bluff their way past the front gate their best option. Sidling up to the front gate, full of bluster, the heroes acted as slavers looking to make a purchase. The orcs, eager to collect a 25gp per person entry fee, bought the act and let them pass inside.
  • The party met one of the local orcs, known as an Acquitor, who explained how the buying and selling took place and informed them that the auction would begin soon. They heroes watched the crowd carefully, trying to seek clues that might lead them to either Thoma or Larissa’s long-lost brother.

  • The adventurers had no luck, as nothing seemed to lead them closer to their goals although one poor young girl being sold as a slave to a fat merchant caught their eye due to the depraved thoughts the man seemed to wear openly. They noted his description in case they had a chance to see him somewhere there were no guards to keep the peace.

  • Towards the end of the auction the party caught sight of some winged creatures rising from what seemed to be the center of the city and heading north. The event seemed odd enough that it caught the attention of the other market patrons, but what it meant escaped them. That is, until Neighl felt the familiar buzz of a sending. Thoma, seemingly not as done with the party as he claimed, advised them that it appeared Najala had finally divined the identity of the brother.

  • Feeling defeated and at a loss of where to go next, the party wandered back to the small tavern that served as a gathering place for potential buyers between auction days. Once inside the party thought about where to go next and what to do when it finally struck them…it came to them in a flash. They were face-to-face with him and never knew. Larissa’s long-lost brother was none other than Tavon Webb, the merchant’s son. Old Fenton Webb was not delivering messages to somewhere else, he was bringing it to his very (adopted) son!

  • With the revelation fresh in their minds, and several ours of daylight left, the party headed out to get back to Coyote’s Refuge and notify the dragonborn of Arkhosia’s Last. Vor Rukoth, however, would not let go of them so easy, and in their haste they were soon ambushed by a pack of gnolls. The battle went better for the heroes than it did for the creatures and soon they either laid dead in the streets or were fleeing into the streets.

  • After the battle the party noticed the dead body of the fat merchant nearby. Moments later, the door to one of the abandoned buildings opened and the merchant’s guards exited with the girl in tow, having hid from the gnolls. The party took possession of the girl and she attached herself to Lu’s leg. After clear of immediate danger, the party managed to tell them her name – Luna.

  • Finally, the adventurers made their way back to Coyote’s Refuge and made their way to the camp of Arkhosia’s Last, demanding to speak to their leader, Kira Bloodbane. Once admitted into her tent, they told her of their revelation and the fact that it seems Najala’s agents are already en route. She sent for Lohr, Razaan, and their wizard Savaxis.

  • The wizard Savaxis proved to be quite knowledgeable in planar matters and while the others discussed the matter of what to do about the brother, Geigan relayed to him what he knew of the now-accelerating blight in his home the Northern Fens. Savaxis theorized that this might be because of a dimensional tear caused by the planar transposition the Taruu Maaj library underwent.

  • After much conversation and strategizing it seemed that the only way the party could hope to get to Tavon Webb in time would be to teleport to the circle at Tethys’ old tower and make haste overland to Tengara. Unfortunately, they needed to use a teleportation circle and the only one nearby to be had was said to be in the Coyote’s tower.


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