Ashes of the Empire

Showdown in Renfall

Session 18 Recap


  • Deciding it best to face the problem head-on, the heroes made their way back to the road from the barn and made their way as quickly as possible towards the inn to face the tiefling Archidius.

  • The journey to the inn, quiet initially, turns out to be the calm before the storm as the party soon spots the flying creatures returning. With them, moving along the ground at a frantic pace, is some red-furred creature that resembles a huge ape. Soon it is upon them and battle ensues. The party handily defeats the creature and it’s flying companions and keeps Tavon Webb safe yet again.

  • As the sun hangs low in the sky, the party pulls into the roadside inn, The Silver Chalice. They make their way to the taproom and scout out any tieflings in residence. Only one is present, a female drinking by herself. The party makes conversation and soon discovers her name is Redemption, a paladin of Pelor who had infiltrated the Scions of the Horned Empire, specifically Archidius’ group.

  • Redemption tells the party that Archidius seemed to beat a hasty retreat earlier this morning and she hasn’t seen him since; she fears that he never quite trusted her. She offers to lead the party to his safe-house in Renfall in the hopes that he went there.

  • The party continues the next morning on their way to Renfall, this time with Redemption along. Once at the city, they make their way immediately to the local Pelorite temple and ask them to keep Tavon safe while they check out the safe-house.

  • The heroes arrive at Archidius’ safe-house but discover no one had been there in quite some time. Lacking any other information go on, the party decides that they should continue on with their true objective and part ways from Redemption, heading t back to the temple to collect Tavon.

  • After collecting Tavon, the adventurers decide to scout the White Feather (which they have since discovered is a brothel) where their meeting with Larissa is to take place. However, it would seem that their arrival in Renfall did not go unnoticed, as they are beset by Night’s Hand mercenaries in the streets. The heroes defeat them relatively easily, and disappear into the streets before the city watch can arrive and complicate matters.

  • Since there is still time until they are to meet Larissa, the heroes decide to look into hiring a ship to take them north towards the Northern Fens. As they get to the docks, they are ambushed by the group of dragonborn who were looking for Larissa since Tethy’s Tower. They tell the party that they consider them enemies now and have been ordered by their leader, Kira Bloodbane, to kill them on sight.

  • The party is outnumbered and the dragonborn fight fiercely without regard to innocent bystanders nearby, but the heroes manage to use a small warehouse building to gain a tactical advantage, and eventually defeat all of the dragonborn.

  • After the battle subsides, the watch arrive and take stock of the situation. They let the party go after the locals who witnessed the ambush corroborate their story of self-defense.

  • Now, the party is free to seek out a ship and crew to hire, and head for the end of the docks where the watch tends to be thin and inattentive.


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