Ashes of the Empire


Session 27 Recap


  • The party sails their stolen ship further west across the dark bay. Using the maps found on-board, Larissa does her best to try and locate the Vistani camp that their old captain mentioned could help them get to the Vale.

  • Finally, as the gloom of day yields to the dark of night, the ship comes within sight of the opposite shore. The dangers of the Shadowfell are not just for land, it seems, and the party is soon set upon by some twisted cross between men and crabs, scuttling their way up the hull and onto the deck. The PCs fend them off, narrowly avoiding the death of Mr. Burke. Finally, the crabmen are defeated and the their sahuagin leader flees back into the dark waters.
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  • Although their current location is not quite safe, as evidenced by the attack, the heroes decide that trying to navigate in the dark would be more dangerous, so the decision is made to drop anchor and try to rest for the night and continue to the Vistani camp in the morning. Thankfully, the night passes uneventfully with only the hint of an attack, but none forthcoming.

  • The next morning, the party continues south along the shore until they see a shoreline clearing dotted with colorful tents and wagons. People mill about the camp tending to livestock, mending tents and wagons.

  • Anchoring as close as safely possible, the party takes the rowboats ashore and are met by a few Vistani men. As the gypsies look the party over, their leader’s eyes land on Lu and go wide. The man, Domarien, calls her “My queen” and just like that the party are honored guests in the Vistani camp.

  • Domarien sees to the party’s comforts with guest tents, food, drink, and water to wash up with. He tells the party that “Handsome” Jack, their leader, is away but will return the next day.

  • The heroes mill about the camp and take in what they can of the Vistani culture. Finally, that evening, the party is notified that Jack has returned and will attend the feast in their honor. He wishes to meet with them first, however, in his tent. The party agrees and are led to Jack‘s tent.

  • The adventurers meet with the Vistani leader, Handsome Jack, and are made welcome. It becomes obvious to all that he knows Lu from before, though in what capacity is not so obvious. Jack offers to listen to the party’s tale, but only after they are properly feasted. He leads them to the large communal feast tent where a variety of foods and drink are presented with musicians playing and people dancing.

  • After the night’s revelry calms down, Jack listens to the party’s tale and what it is they need his help with.

  • Jack claims that he has indeed heard rumors of a building (perhaps a library, perhaps not) having appeared from thin air within the city of Gloomwrought far to the south many years ago. He also can assist the party in either getting them to the Vale, Gloomwrought, or both, as well as some sort of charm to help Geigan survive being away from his home plane.

  • Jack takes Lu aside and makes his price known. Whatever it is, he tells her to think about it overnight and answer him in the morning. Lu doesn’t seem willing to tell the party what it is.

  • The next day the party discovers that Lu has agreed to Jack‘s price, though she still does not divulge what it is. The heroes agree that they must head for the Vale, and preparations for the journey begin. Jack cautions the party that the way he must take them, “the dark ways” is treacherous.

  • When it is time to leave, Jack leads the adventurers into the shadowy landscape of the Shadowfell. The party follows him as he rounds a large twisted tree, and suddenly the landscape becomes even darker. What was once a land with a grey sky and grey features has become something darker and more sinister, as the shadows themselves seem to come alive and the very air hangs heavy with gloom. The party has arrived in the Shadowdark.

  • After hours of skulking through the shadowdark, following Jack and trying to remain hidden from the prying eyes hidden in the darkness, the party finally hears the baying of hounds. Jack picks up the pace, but despite that they grow louder. Finally, the party stops and prepares for battle. Large grey hounds emerge from the shadow and attack.

  • The battle is difficult, but the party wins in the end. Moving on, Jack finally turns another tree and leads the party out of the shadowdark. A road through a silent forest beckons them, ahead is a stone footbridge over a small river…entrance to the Vale.

  • The party makes their way down the road into a small village. The people seem to pay little attention to the heroes, and none recognize Lu as their queen. They seem as if they are zombies going about their daily tasks with no emotion save hopelessness.

  • After arriving at the small palace, set atop a shelf on the edge of the vale, the guard recognize Lu and admit the party to the palace. Once inside, the adventurers are introduced to the rest of Lu’s family: her uncle Vaerlan, her cousin and captain of the guard Laern and her other cousin Istiria.


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