Ashes of the Empire

Into Gloomwrought

Session 30 Recap


  • The PCs begin the grim task of collecting the bodies of the fallen Vistani and gathering of wood to build a pyre. In the meantime Lu and Ulmo begin the long ritual to bring Jack back from the dead. Finally, as night falls, the dead are gathered and Jack returns to the land of the living.

  • Jack bids farewell to his people, and lights the pyre. Thinking to get away from the area, lest the fire attract attention, the party moves south along the coastline.

  • Jack tells the party that the best option for them to get to Gloomwrought quickly is to head to the House of Black Lanterns, an inn known for the ability to move from place to place – some say at the whim of its owner, Yarol.

  • Jack does not know Yarol that well, so he cannot really influence him to help, though he can make an introduction and hope it at least gets Yarol to listen to their plight. Jack knows where the inn was a week ago, and hopes that it is still there.

  • After a night and a day of travel, the heroes come upon the House of Black Lanterns, right where Jack last saw it (to Jack’s relief). The adventurers enter and order food and drink. Jack introduces the party to Yarol, the House’s owner. They state their case to him and though he seems sympathetic to their plight, all he tells them is that there is a man in Room 222 above who might be able to help them, and they help him in return.

  • The party heads upstairs to Room 222 where they meet Erik Harken, an exiled noble from Gloomwrought. With him is a Shadar-Kai woman named Elenni, a Goliath named Gorek, an elf named Felwyn, and Thrumvok, who had parted ways with the party when entering the Shadowfell.

  • Erik explains his situation – his uncle seized power for himself when his father died two years ago, and forced Erik to flee for his life and abandon his birthright. Since then he has schemed, plotted, and worked to undermine his uncle and weaken his position within the structure of Gloomwrought society.

  • Erik explains that the time is now ripe for him to infiltrate the House Harken compound, and take power back from his uncle. Unfortunately, he needs someone, preferably outsiders, to provide a distraction so the guards do not notice his team’s entry and his man on the inside can get them in. If the party agrees to be that distraction, Erik will help them locate, and get to, the library they seek.

  • The heroes agree, and part company for the night. Back downstairs, they inform Yarol that they will be helping Erik, and he hints that the House “may decide to help get them there”. He provides them rooms for the evening for free, and the party beds down for the night.

  • The next morning, the party awakens to find that the House has moved to Gloomwrought, finding a location in the Fettered Ward amongst festhalls, brothels, and other entertainment venues. The party coordinates with Erik and his crew – that night they act after midnight. Erik’s group will wait on the PCs’ distraction to go.

  • The party heads out towards the House Harken compound to reconnoiter the area and formulate a plan. On the way they purchase some potions and some greek fire from a local alchemist, thinking they may come in handy later. They also locate an abandoned storefront near the Dust Quarter, where the compound is, to use as a safehouse

  • At the compound, they find no surprises – all is as Erik described, and they get a plan together.

  • Night comes and the party begins their distraction. Neighl uses a potion to levitate over the wall and set fire to the guard shack with the greek fire. The rest of the party come through the gate and engage the guards. The alarm goes out and more guards come running. After trading blows with the guards a few times, the party retreats into the night and heads for the safehouse, confident that they gave Erik plenty of time.

  • The next morning the party heads for the House before heading to the compound to see Erik. When they get there, they order food and eat. A courier arrives with a message for them. It appears to be from Thrumvok. It warns the party not to go to the compound, that their coup failed and everyone was killed except for him and Elenni. He also notes he will try to get them the library location from Elenni if she awakens.

  • Neighl uses a Scroll of Sending to send a message back to him and tells him to send the location of the library, if he can get it, to their safehouse. Thrumvok agrees, and tells the party he is taking Elenni from the city, as the guard is likely looking for all of them.

  • The PCs head for the safehouse that evening, hoping to remain inconspicuous. They have a brief run-in with the guard, but manage to bluff their way out of it. Finally, they arrive at the safehouse and find a map of Gloomwrought left for them; on it the location of the library is marked.

  • The library seems to be located in the Shattered Isles, an area of the city that suffered some great cataclysm some time ago and is now home to desperately poor people and restless spirits.

  • Setting out for the Shattered Isles, the heroes continue to avoid notice from the guard. Once they cross into the area, Ulmo uses his skills as a warlock to keep the rabble and pickpockets at bay.

  • At one point the party runs afoul of some undead bard and his orc zombie “groupies”, but manage to handle them until they lose interest and the bard begins to chase some other “lost love”.

  • Finally, they find the library. It is a large square, windowless building standing amongst the ruins of other less-imposing buildings. The doors stand closed with only a carved symbol on them.

  • Neighl takes Tavon’s hand, cuts his palm, and places it on the symbol. His blood flows into the lines of the symbol, outlining it. Then, the doors click open. Finally, the heroes have arrived.


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